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Topcod (Stock Code:668091)As an international leading and the biggest OEM manufacturer of Anti-moisture and Mildew, Anti-Rust, Anti-shock,TOPCOD is dedicated to providing high quality desiccant products and advanced moisture proof/Rust proof /shock proof application solutions for clients in electronics, medicine, food, biotechnology, hardware, machinery, automobile parts, container maritime transport and other industries. TOPCOD have special technical expertise and complete production line. As well as identifying ways to reduce purchasing and supply costs.
To provide reliable and competitive products and quality service to the world
To be moisture-proof and rust proof packaging industry leader

    1. Drug packaging production license issued by the State


    2. The industry's only a joint postgraduate training base


    3. Focus on customer product problems, engineers use professional equipment on-site testing, and on-site guidance to provide more efficient, more cost-proof packaging solutions to solve


    4. More than 70 the world's top 500 suppliers, customers and international brands make our quality, environmental standards have been synchronized with the highest international standards


    5.  18 years focused on moisture mildew rust-proof packaging industry in Shenzhen, Shanghai, with branch offices in Foshan, scale so that our lower production costs


    so that our lower production costs

    Through the ISO:9001 quality system certification, ISO:14001 environmental management system certification, product quality standards with reference to international standards, all products are in line with environmental standards 

    Through the German DIN55473 standard national military standard American military standards, the American Electronics Industry Association standard: J-STD-033 JEDEC

    The food and drug level through the desiccant SFDA detection, and achieved national drug packaging production license.

    Products through a variety of export environmental standards: excluding DMF, in accordance with the REACH ROSH standard

    1. The only one developed a halogen-free cobalt-free humidity indicator card and applied for a patent.


    2. Aiming at the lights, camera problems arise fog ordinary desiccant can not solve this problem, we have successfully developed a desiccant camera lights and fill the technology gap in this field.


    3. American Electronics Industry Association standard: JEDEC J-STD-033 requirements for the desiccant packaging materials comply with the requirements of anti-static, general manufacturers to adopt unstable Dupont paper packaging desiccant voltage anti-static friction effects, our researchers, after a long period of study finally developed a stable anti-static desiccant.


TOPCOD(stock code 668091) was established in 2000, set up a branch in Shenzhen, Shunde,specialized in producing various types of environmental desiccant(moisture beads) and anti-film,humidity indicator cards,foil bag rust and other moisture-proof packing materials business related products,ptoviding customers a full range of moisture,mold solutions.

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