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Aluminum foil bag


Aluminum foil bag  with anti - static, electromagnetic interference and moisture - proof three functions, the surface resistance of aluminum foil bag: 106 ~ 1011. Superior performance of aluminum foil bags. 

Scope of application 


It’s mainly used in all kinds of PC boards, IC integrated circuit, CD-ROM, hard disk, electronic components, electronic equipment, precision metal, massage, auto parts and other packaging.




Strictly in accordance with the United States MIL-STD-2073-1, MIL-D-22020D, China national standard GB/T19532-2004, 4456-1996 GB/T, South Korea A 2112-1995 KS standard for production.


texture of material


PET function: anti puncture capability


AL effect: moisture, conductive, shielding


PA effect: vacuum pumping


PE role: anti static, sealed (containing ESD requirements)


Properties and parameters


Specifications: size can be customized according to customer demand, can also be made into different sizes of flat bags / stereo bags.


Storage environment: temperature humidity less than or equal to 35 DEG C, 70%


Period of validity: 1 years


Delivery time: 5 days 

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