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Montmorillonite desiccant

Montmorillonite is a naturally occurring mineral, environmentally friendly desiccant, the general appearance of white, light gray, pink, purple, brown and other dark colors, waxy, earthy or oil sheen, some montmorillonitesuch as loose soil, some soft and creamy, and some dense and hard. It has a series of valuable properties of water absorption, adsorption, ion-exchange and the like. Non-toxic, odorless characteristic, and a fairly stable chemical nature, even if direct contact with the metal also non-corrosive. Quicklime and silica gel desiccant upgrading of products.

Product features:

1. Low humidity (25 ℃ RH40%) environment, reflecting the excellent moisture absorption

2. Performance than the US standard MIL-D-3464E

3.Chemically stable, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-pollution

4. Under water-saturated conditions, remains dry, no deliquescence

5. Repeated use of renewable natural degradation, disposable

6.Improve compatibility with the environment

Production standard:

1. ISO9001 International quality system certification

2. ISO14001 Environmental management system certification;

3. U.S. military standard MIL - D - 3464 - e (U.S. military packaging standards)

4. HG/T 2765.5 2005 (international standards)

5. JIS Z 0701 (Japanese industrial standard)

6. DIN 55473 (German industrial standards)

Montmorillonite desiccant chemical composition: 

The range of applications:

Optical instruments, electronic products, health medicines, food packaging and military products and civilian products, information equipment, precision machinery and a variety of semiconductor packages of moisture dehumidifier.


Storage conditions:  temperature 35 ℃ or less, humidity 70% or less


Environmental standards: Free of DMF, in line with ROSH, REACH, halogen-free requirements.

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