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Calcium chloride desiccant

Calcium chloride desiccant, the moisture absorption capacity of the new high-strength desiccant product, which is obtained by converting a physical action water absorbed into the gel, the formation of liquid gel lock will not flow out, make the packaging form relatively dry safe environment,, so as to prevent the packaged product moisture and mildew effect. Calcium chloride desiccant effect is more than 10 times the ordinary desiccant, can really solve the high-quality products, transportation and storage of moisture problems. Give full play to the desiccant effect, to moisture, mildew effect.

The product characteristic parameters :

The product has a moisture absorption speed, liquid does not flow out after the formation of water, non-toxic, non-corrosive, etc., while the human body without harm.Free of DMF, in line with ROSH, REACH requirements.




 Widely used in furnitures,agricultural products,medicinal materials,textiles, leather, electric products,metals etc.

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