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Oxygen Absorber

Oxygen Scavenging, also known as free oxygen absorber (FOA), free oxygen remover or deacidification prime agent. It is a class of substances can absorb free oxygen. When a deoxidizer along with food sealed in the same package together, Deoxidizer will be able to absorb the free oxygen and dissolved oxygen in food packages inside by certain chemical reactions or other effects, which can prevent oxidation, microbial growth and pests on food hazards. Effectively maintain food color, smell, taste, vitamins and other nutrients are preventing oxidation, to extend shelf life of food.

Oxygen Absorber is safe and effective for:

1. Baked Goods
2. Rice, grain, noodles, pasta, seeds, pet foods, & nuts
3. Dried fruits & vegetables
4. Spices, seasonings & herbs
5. Coffee, Tea & Cocoa
6. Processed & dried meats
7. Pharmaceuticals & vitamins
8. Diagnostic Kits & devices

Using the methods :

1.when used, of the deoxy preservative and need fresh food (or goods) together into oxygen permeability is low composite bag of seal, do not leak.

2.This product has 30 type, 50 type, 100type-series, the amount of oxygen by volume to accommodate different size packages.


1.Select the oxygen transmission rate of less than 20 ml / m2 · 24h · 25 ℃ packaging materials, such as KOP / PE, KPET / PE and other composite film bags, plastic containers, glass jars, cans;

2. pay attention to the seal strength and sealing quality, must not allow leakage;

3. open this packaged, preferably within 1 to 2 hours to be spent and seal preservation was not yet exhausted, please discharge reseal original packaging after the air bag, in order to avoid failure;

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