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VCI bag

The anti rust film is the abbreviation of VCI gas phase anti rust plastic film. It is a new generation of innovative high-tech products based on the combination of polymer material and VCI vapor phase anti rust technology. Will be rust metal objects with anti rust film (also can be made into various shapes of plastic bags) sealed packaging, VCI containing membrane in vivo to sublimation of volatile gas antirusting factor, diffusion and permeation to be rust goods surface and adsorption on the, monomolecular thick compact protective film formation, isolation induced corrosion factors and be rust goods surface contact, so as to effectively prevent corrosion.




The need to protect all kinds of metal




In strict accordance with the MIL - STD - 2073-1, MIL - D - 22020 - D, the China national standard GB/T19532-2004, GB/T 4456-1996, Korea KS A 2112-1995 standard for production.




Polyethylene particles + rust particles 


Characteristics and parameters


Specifications: size can be customized according to customer's demand, can also be made into different sizes of different thickness (0.05 ~ 0.15 mm) flat bag/stereo bag




Storage: temperature 35 ℃ or less, humidity 70% or less


Storage should not destroy the original protective packaging layer, being sealed. Store in a dry, clean inside storeroom. Avoid directly on the ground and direct sunlight. Can't together with chemical storage, away from heat source not less than lm, apart from the ground of not less than 0.1 m, should take time to use, a bottomless, should be kept to seal.



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