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Humidity indicator card
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Cobalt dichloride and halogen free humidity card

Determinants of goods no mildew during storage and transportation process is the relative humidity RH <50%, relative humidity RH (Relative Humidity) available desiccant control, and when the water reaches a certain level after the desiccant will lose its effect. Humidity indicator card can be used to clearly indicate the value of the relative humidity RH inside the volume, or to determine whether the failure of the desiccant needs to be replaced.


widely used in Electronic components packaging,Optical apparatus,Sensitive components,Various types of vacuum packaging,  IC / Integrated / board,Semiconductor packaging and testing,LED package, IC package, Computer equipment industry,biochips ect.


Production standard:

* 2004/73 / EC (EU environmental regulations)

* GJB2494-95 (People's Republic of China Military Standard)

* MIL-I-8835A (US military packaging standards)

* JEDEC (Electronic Components Industry Association Standard)


      5~10~15%,5~10~60% ,30~40~50% ,10~20~30~40% ,10~20~30~40~50~60% and can be specified according to the specific needs of customers customized production.

Packaging and storage:


*Please replace the desiccant package later turned three times.

* Keep in a dry, cool place, away from direct sunlight and flooding.

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