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Aluminum foil bag

Aluminum foil bag  with anti - static, electromagnetic interference and moisture - proof three functions, the surface resistance of aluminum foil bag: 106 ~ 1011. Superior performance of aluminum foil bags. 


1.  High humidity is known to cause problems with electronic parts and components, however compliance with RoHS standards has raised awareness of moisture issues and seen a huge increase in the use of moisture barrier bags

2.  Use of unleaded solder in the manufacturing process requires much higher temperatures and therefore increased humidity levels, this means that manufacturers are having to provide better preventative measures, not only enclosing the parts in moisture barrier material but also allowing the removal of moisture laden air (VAC packaging)

3.  Labels and artwork on these barrier bags indicate the special nature of its contents as well as the age and re-baking procedures

4.  To protect electronics from moisture and static damage

5.  The bags are opaque and light tight ensuring the inside item cannot been seen from outside

6.  Applicable to pack electronic products which are sensitive to moisture and static, such as PCBs, integrated circuits.

7.  Available in three layer or four layer structures

8.  Firm lamination and hot sealing offers superior resistance of vapor and oxygen

9.  Flexible structure and easy to vacuum seal

10.  EMI shielding, meets requirements of MIL-PRF-81705D type 1

11. Customized printing and style (flat/folding/cubic/zip lock bag) is available

12.  Available in 3.6/4.4 and 6.1mil thicknesses, other thickness also could be customized according to certain quantity

13.  Minimum order quantities will apply for some sizes

14.  Surface resistance: 106-1011

15.  Can be vacuum sealed for dry packaging applications

16.  TOPCOD could produce moisture barrier bag to meet 3M's different physical properties and electrical properties standard 

17.  WVTR: <0.03G (m^2.24H)

18.  Puncture strength: >100N



 Such as PC boards,IC integrated circuit ,CD driver,hard disk and electron component parts etc.


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