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Food desiccant

Products brief introduction:

    The desiccant is the only Food desiccant approved by FDA, can be used directly in contact with food, medicines desiccant.

Production standard:

1, ISO9001 International quality system certification

2, ISO14001 Environmental management system certification;

3、U.S. military standard MIL - D - 3464 - e (U.S. military packaging standards)

4, HG/T 2765.5 2005 (international standards)

5, JIS Z 0701 (Japanese industrial standard)

6, DIN 55473 (German industrial standards)

7,Medical Packaging YBB00122005 line with national standards

8,FDA standards


     Food desiccant chemical composition:

the range of applications:

     widely used in food, medicine, capsule, chewing gum, tablets, health care, nutrition, infant supplements, candy, cookies, chocolates and other products.

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