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ESD Tape

   Antistatic tape helps protect electrostatic sensitive surfaces, components, and equipment from harmful electrostatic discharge damage. These tapes contain specially formulated electrical conductors that produce a durable hard coat of cross-linked polymer ESD ™ worn surfaces. TOPCOD antistatic tape with double side(film side and adhesive side) have ESD function from 10* 6 ohm to 10* 8 ohm.
Shielding (Silver Gray) tape,Clear film tape printed with a ESD symbol and Clear film tape use in packaging applications where static electricity is a concern. Plastic core so is suitable in cleanroom areas. Unprinted available as well. Call us for a quote. Electronic tapes are typically used for the manufacturer, assembly or packaging of circuit boards or other sensitive electronic devices. We carry products to suit almost any application, such as anti-static BOPP and polyester tapes, polyimide film tapes, clean room tapes and much more. Please call us if you have any questions. Tape Solutions believes in great customer service and is proud of our customer retention rate and great reviews. We will take the time to answer your questions, provide samples for testing, offer quotations for larger volume, resale,or custom sizes, listen to your application needs and offer advice on the proper product, and assist when necessary on rush requests. Tape Solutions is the authority for polyimide tape , BOPP and polyester tape offering the ability to have custom sizes made and selling stock sizes in smaller quantities. Our competitors do not typically take the time to offer the service level we believe you deserve.


1. Detail Property contact TOPCOD , We will provide Data sheet of antistatic tape to your value side.

2.TOPCOD manufacturer from Proprietary Polymeric Material (Non PVC), and coated with a specially formulated rubber resin adhesive. Easy tear and smooth dispensing with good finger tack and moderates adhesion.

3.Surface Resistivity(film side < 10* 8 ohm),Surface Resistivity(adhesive side < 10* 9 ohm).



Used in the electronics industry and various pipeline operations of the temporary fixed and packaging.Recommended for holding and attaching electronic product.

Storage conditions: 10-30 ℃, relative humidity 40-70%, to avoid direct sunlight and high temperature (40 ℃ above) high humidity (75% RH) environment.

Storage period: 6 months.

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