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mouldproof paper

mouldproof paper is the use of anti-mildew chemical agents (such as chlorophenolate) processed paper. When using this kind of paper to pack other commodities, it can form the antibacterial environment inside the package, inhibit mold growth and reproduction, so as to achieve the purpose of anti-mold, mouldproof paper does not contain DMF, widely used in packaging food, Chinese herbal medicine, film, leather Products, optical lenses and other products of the anti-mildew. The use of advanced anti-mildew way, specifically for leather products (shoes, bags, clothes) on the mold, blue-green bacteria, coliforms, fungi, algae, spores, heterotrophic bacteria have an absolute inhibitory effect, can effectively eliminate leather products In the bacteria and mold, and absolutely environmentally friendly. mouldproof paper than the green mustard, spray, dehumidifier, UV and other more effective to eliminate mold, long-distance transport and storage for footwear products and high-end leather to provide comprehensive protection, so that customers can buy fresh and clean, Wishful supplies.
mouldproof paper product instructions: 1. Effective against mold; 2. Safe for the right user; 3. Never pollute the environment and make waste and garbage; 4. According to the surrounding temperature and humidity adjustment release amount; 5. Just touch, you can play anti-mildew function; 6. To eliminate odor, keep the smell of fresh leather; 7. mouldproof paper colorless non-toxic, non-DMF arsenic, tin and other heavy metals. Safe and environmentally friendly, fully recyclable and degradable (two months in the soil completely degraded). 8. Store the unused mouldproof paper in the package and seal it with a clear adhesive tape as soon as possible.
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