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House wrap paper

House wrap paper is mainly used for wood and steel structures and other building protection foundation,house wrap paper can provide the best water and air can provide the best water and air isolation and water vapor through the balance adjustment, it can reduce the chance of external water vapor into the wall cracks, And at the same time to allow the moisture
inside the wall to escape from the wall to avoid mold and condensate in the wall and the roof of the generation to ensure the effectiveness of insulation material to play, so as to achieve energy conservation and enhance the role of building durability.

Product advantages:

1. Resistance to cracking - human strength is not easy to tear.

2. Good water resistance - in the wet or wet, still has the same strength, will not become bad.

3. Permeability - better than ordinary paper breathability.

4. Excellent chemical resistance - not afraid of most of the strong acid, alkali, salt.

Anti-stretching force - from completely wet to completely dry in the case of its paper surface expansion, contraction ratio of less than 0.01%.

6. Anti-static - through a special anti-static treatment, does not produce static electricity, and a dust-proof role.

environmentally friendly products - completely burned Dule paper, leaving only water vapor and carbon dioxide, does not affect the environment.
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