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ESD Bubble Bags


A low cost pink anti static bubble bag, ideal for providing physical protection in transit, and keeping internal packed contents free from damage by electrostatic. Pink antistatic bubble bag, ideal for providing physical protection in transit.


Made from a soft textured and flexible poly material

Blow-moulded with anti static additives from LDPE and LLDPE

The sealed air bubble offers superior cushioning and shock proof function

Manufacturing method: Two layer extrusion with calendar role to thermoform bubble

Standard colour: Pink, but can be custom made in different colours and sizes according to clients requirements (MOQ applies)

With 30mm peel & seal lip

Anti static bubble film will not produce electrostatic charges during handling. Static charge is dissipated over the surface of the film preventing discharge onto the electronic device packaged. Note: Different levels of electrostatic discharge protection are required for different electronic devices.


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