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VCI film

Principle of rust prevention

VCI composition is the effect on the metal surface and the inhibition of metal corrosion and oxidation. Electronic flow between anode and cathode on a metal surface. VCI molecules in the metal surface to form a physical waterproof layer, prevent water, moisture and other easily lead to metal corrosion and oxidation of the material composition of direct contact with the metal surface to form electrolyte.

Adjust the pH value of the electrolyte. We just need simple metal parts or easily oxidized electronic components placed in VCI and closed. Within 2-3 hours VCI molecules will be inside the package for gasification volatilization reach saturation and attached on the surface of the metal formed super corrosion inhibiting molecular layer.

When the metal parts and electronic components removed from VCI VCI corrosion inhibition molecular layer will be formed immediately gasification molecules evaporate into the atmosphere, parts of the surface will be in clean, dry, non corrosive, and can immediately put into production line use, no need to further cleaning or processing.

Product features

1. with excellent gas and contact corrosion resistance, anti rust period can be as long as 2 years; the product itself can be kept closed for 5 years.

2. transparent and beautiful, easy to observe the state of the package directly;

3.the use of clean, safe, can be fully recovered;

4. the sealing ability is strong, the printing is good;

5. easy to use, can be used directly after unsealing;

6. has a certain waterproof and moisture performance;

7. Anti rust effect is remarkable, drawbacks to overcome the traditional method of product protection is not sufficient, especially for antirust packaging in military, machinery, auto parts, electrical, hardware etc. industry metal parts processing, storage and transportation;

8.saving in time and cost savings, improve quality, comprehensive economic benefits.

application area


A, before packaging is protected metal products should be clean, no rust.

B, to maximize the VCI-146 material coating close to the metal surface.

C, with rust proof paper packaging good metal products and then sealed packaging.

Using method


Before using the metal surface to be cleaned, the packaging should be as far as possible to make the VCI coating surface close to the metal surface;

Using 1ft2 (0.09m2) this product can protect 3ft2 (0.28m2) metal surface;

Using 1ft2 (0.09m2) this product can protect 0.5ft3 (0.01m3) metal surface;

For the rust proof period of 10 years, should be used in the packaging of metal products and then put into the sealed package.

Packaging and storage

The product is generally coated paper packaging and carton packaging, can also provide other forms of packaging according to user requirements;

The gas phase anti rust film shall be kept in a safe place, and avoid direct light from above 30 degrees C in a cool and dry place;

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