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VCI bags

Product name:

Gas phase anti rust bag selection of high quality gas phase antirust plastic film, is according to door metal workpiece size and type specific requirements quantity body custom both double effect of anti rust and packaging plastic film bag is combining the modern polymer materials science and gas phase antirust technology development of a new generation of innovative high-tech products. Use the plastic bags will be rust goods packing seal, the bag body containing VCI to sublimation of volatile gas antirusting factor, diffusion and permeation to be rust goods surface and adsorption on, forming monomolecular thick compact protective film, isolation induced corrosion factors and anti - rust goods surface contact, so as to effectively prevent corrosion.    

[features / advantages]:

1, with excellent gas phase and contact with rust resistance, rust prevention effect is good, cost-effective;

2, clean, harmless, non-toxic, environmental safety. Through the SGS certification, in accordance with the requirements of RoHS directive;

3, can be used immediately, without the need for cleaning and cleaning. Saving time and labor, improve work efficiency, saving cost;

4, transparent and beautiful, is the object of anti rust visible, easy to identify;

5, a wide range of applicability. From the individual parts, the equipment can be used to.

6, good printing, help to improve the image of the anti rust items and grades.

[applicable metal]:

Metallic iron, alloy steel, cast iron, copper, brass and bronze, metal plating, zinc and alloy, alloy and chromium, cadmium and alloy, nickel and nickel alloy, tin and alloy, aluminum and its alloy, stainless steel and other metal materials and products.

[application method]:

1, the packaging should be clean, dry and rust proof article surface. Then it is packaged and sealed with anti rust film at room temperature and room temperature. If the belt oil packaging, should confirm that the oil does not contain S, Cl and other chemical components, otherwise it will have a negative impact on the effectiveness of VCI.


2, should wear clean gloves when the operation, do not use bare hands to contact with the anti rust items.

3, if rust items have protrusions or edges and corners, should be careful not to pierce the film. If it is damaged, should be timely industrial tape wound closure, to ensure the sealing.

4, rust proof packaging operations, the workplace should be far away from the acid, alkali and other corrosive substances and acid".


Single layer thickness /mm>/div> color

Gas phase anti rust bag multi metal universal flat mouth / flat bag 0.05 ~ 0.25 on demand

Stereo / square bottom bag

Folding type /M bag

[rust period]:

Over 2 years (in accordance with the requirements of the specification)

[storage and storage]:

Sealed packaging, stored in a cool, dry place, avoid direct sunlight, avoid contact with fire and corrosive substances. 12 months from the date of the factory.

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