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ESD Shielding bag


Shielding bag can maximize to protect electrostatic sensitive components from electrostatic potential hazards. They can form a unique four layers structure (induction cap) effect in order to protect the bag goods and electrostatic field isolation. Inside another layer is composed of polyethylene can eliminate static electricity, can prevent to produce static electricity in the bag, it can be heat sealing bag is transparent, can clearly identify the internal items from the outside.


Is mainly suitable for all kinds of PC board, electronic components modems, cd-rom packaging.


In strict accordance with the MIL - STD - 2073-1, MIL - D - 22020 - D, the China national standard GB/T19532-2004, GB/T 4456-1996, Korea KS A 2112-1995 standard for production.

Characteristics and parameters

Specifications: Size can be customized according to customer's demand, can also be made into different sizes of the three-dimensional bag.

Storage: temperature 35 ℃ or less, humidity 70% or less

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