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Indicating silica gel desiccant

Products brief introduction:
       Indicating silica gel desiccant is divided into two kinds of blue and orange, blue wins after silica gel absorbent own color from blue to red, from orange after orange silica gel absorbent becomes dark green, only with a desiccant and humidity indicator, is a chemical product physical absorbent, non-degradable. Heavy metal content lower than the EU RoHS standards and Sony's GP standards.

Production standard:
1. ISO9001 International quality system certification
2.ISO14001 Environmental management system certification;
3.U.S. military standard MIL - D - 3464 - e (U.S. military packaging standards)
4. HG/T 2765.5 2005 (international standards)
5.JIS Z 0701 (Japanese industrial standard)
6. DIN 55473 (German industrial standards)
the main technical parameters:
Adsorption amount:
RH = 20% ≧8%
RH = 50% ≧ 20%
RH = 90% ≧ 30%
Moisture content ≦ 5%

Silica gel desiccant chemical composition:

The range of applications:
      The auto industry, metal products, mechanical and electrical/electronic products, agricultural products, cloth, leather goods, furniture, food, pharmaceutical, paper and wood, etc.

Environmental standards:
      Free of DMF, in line with ROSH, REACH, halogen-free requirements.


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