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Container Desiccant

The product description:
       TOPCOD container desiccant, Used the American dupont Tyvek encapsulation technology, strong moisture absorption, which can effectively prevent ocean transit, caused by temperature, humidity change condensation in the container and the damage to the goods, such as carton appears with particular affect appearance or directly damage the outer packing, even affect the quality of the product such as the metal parts corrosion or the label falls off. TOPCOD container desiccant can effectively control the dew point quickly, it strongly absorb the moisture in the air, reduce the moisture in the container, fundamentally solves the container cargo damage happened problem because of be affected with damp be affected with damp.

Product features :
1、Absorb Moisture to lower the RH in the container, protecting goods from moisture damage.
2、Effective under high temperature & humidity inside a container to prevent container rain or cargo sweat.
3、Moisture-absorption rate up to 200%.
4、Moisture turned into gel, leakage free.
5、Suitable for grooves inside containers for saving cargo space.
6、product environmental protection, does not harm the environment, nonpoisonous and harmless, can be natural degradation. One-way adsorption Tyvek encapsulation mode, can effectively lock water in not reverse osmosis Tyvek packaging.

Scope of application:

     Container desiccant in addition to the application in container ocean shipping, can also be used in container aviation, railway and highway transportation and storage of goods, also can be directly used in the large warehouse, libraries, museums, the basement.

TOPCOD Container desiccant capacity:
      the container can be placed directly in different directions, the exact number depending on the type of goods, packaging materials and transport cycle, the way climate change (temperature, humidity), moisture-proof standards, generally 20-foot containers 8-16 kg water vapor adsorption as needed to determine if the use of TOPCOD adsorption of 200% of the containers desiccant, you need to place 4-8 kg of desiccant, namely containers with 4-8 PCS, the amount of desiccant 40-foot container will need to place the container with a desiccant 8-16 PCS.

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