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Mould proof and moisture proof
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Fiber desiccant

Products with natural plant fiber as an absorbent carrier, 100% natural degradation, is environmentally friendly desiccant. 

Adsorption at room temperature and normal humidity, the high-performance, with adsorption activity, saturated moisture absorption rate of its own weight of 300% (25 ℃, RH = 100%), is 20 times that of ordinary silica gel desiccant, the longest time control wet 30- 90 days.

Static dehumidification and odor removal and other effects. Packaging materials used tissue paper hygroscopic material, good toughness, puncture resistance, corrosion resistance, no return permeability, antistatic.



Widely used in furnitures,agricultural products,medicinal materials,textiles, leather, electric products,metals etc.

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