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Montmorillonite Desiccant

Montmorillonite Desiccant is used in most industrial applications requiring humidity control because it recharges easily and does not swell as it adsorbs water vapor. Subject to a degree of variability for being a natural material, clay desiccant will adsorb approximately 30% of its weight in water vapor at  25°C and 50% relative humidity.

TOPCOD montmorillonite desiccant is a general type desiccant developed for industrial packaging,   adapts (g) as measuring unit.·There are different varieties of absorbent and multiple packaging materials to meet  customer's different needs. Available in two categories of back seal and three sides seal, 0.5g-1,000g complete range of specifications and competitive price structure

  Can be used widely in electronic products, metal products, electro-mechanical machinery, daily hardware, shoes, hats and leather sectors  Montmorillonite desiccant bags exceed the requirements of MIL-D-3464E in actual performance and will exceed the moisture vapor absorption  of montmorillonite desiccant at US government specification levels.

 Product features:

 Montmorillonite  desiccant customized making by customers: customers can select different absorbents and packaging materials (Tyvek/nonwoven/CT/TM and more) based on  their own needs, they can custom make product gram weight, dimensions and printing layout, recognizing true DIY.Could be customized sachet weight(0.5g to 1000g) and sachet paper .


 Competitive price:

  Based on different selected montmorillonite desiccants, we strive to provide 

the most preferential prices to meet customers customer's demand.

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