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Container Desiccant

TOPCOD Moisture Control Packs are designed to absorb condensation in freight containers and warehouse storage, protecting products against damage caused by moisture such as rust and corrosion, mold and mildew, and damaged packaging and labels.  Unlike competing products that wick and drip when capacity is reached, TOPCOD Moisture Control Packs retain all the moisture they absorb.

TOPCOD Packets are available in single packs, strip format, in nets, with adhesive backing, and in a netted bag with a hook.

Applications :

Ocean, truck, rail and air shipping containers

Protection of machinery, canned goods, and steel products against rust

Protection of food packages from moisture contamination

Protection of goods in warehouse storage

Storage containers

Boat Storage


Absorbs and retains large quantity of moisture

lowers dew point inside shipping and storage containers

Long-lasting design provides protection against mold, mildew, rust and corrosion up to 45 days or more

Easy-to-use – Simply place in containers with the number of bags dependent upon container size

Durable, heat-sealed Tyvek® fabric and film construction

· Could be customized sachet weight and sachet paper .



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