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VCI paper

VCI paper using high quality anti rust paper and VCI particles, through the special craft processing refined. In the sealed space, the VCI paper body contains under normal temperature and pressure began to sublimation of volatile gas antirusting factor, diffusion and permeation to be rust goods surface and adsorption on the form monomolecular thick compact protective film, so as to achieve the purpose of a full range of antirust .



Metal materials, parts, tools, measuring tools such as rust;

Electronic components, printed circuit boards, etc.;

Die casting, etc.;

Metal processing, bearing, button, metal pipe, etc.;

Complete sets of mechanical equipment, etc..




In strict accordance with US MIL-STD-2073-1, MIL-P-3420 E, Chinese national standard QB 1319-1991, South Korea KS A 2112-1995 standards of production.




Kraft + rust inhibitor.


At the bottom of the package to place a square foot Betpak VCI paper protects 0.5 cubic feet of space on all metal surfaces.


Specifications: size can be customized according to customer's demand.


Storage: temperature 35 ℃ or less, humidity 70% or less. Gas phase anti-rust paper should be sealed properly keep to wind, rain, snow, acid, alkali and other harmful chemicals, and avoid the ground moisture and sunlight insolate directly.

Validity: 12 months



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